Unlock the mysteries of the Spirit World.

Elevate Your Energy and Deepen Your Connection with the Spirit World with the comprehensive Introduction to the Spirit World online course.

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Class #1 Introduction to the Spirit World - Who, What, When, Why, and understanding Your Role. - Video and class transcription download included.

Class #2 Activate your psychic and Intuitive Senses Powerful techniques that are needed to communicate and receive messages. - Video and class transcription download included.

Healing With Spirit World Meditations - Guided meditation to connect to the Spirit World and heal grief

Bonus Higher Self Meditation - Connect to your Higher Self guided meditation practice

Bonus Class Meditation and Messages - Practice class to connect to your loved ones and hear what the Spirit World has to say in readings with students.

What other students are saying: 

"I slept for twelve uninterrupted hours sleep without any sleeping tablets after watching your programme last night. So reassuring that nothing is hopeless and I now have faith." Pat B.

“What a wonderful experience! Thank you Jennifer, we are so blessed to have you guiding us." Nicole

“This information is an amazing help! Thank you!!!! I have been loving your courses and you are a phenomenal teacher. I have noticed that things have been "opening up" more since taking your courses. Robyn”

$33.00 USD

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A Healing Journey: How To Heal Grief & Rebuild Your Life After Loss

More than a book! It's a guided journey through five powerful strategies that bring comfort and healing while showing you how to rebuild your life after loss. 

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