How to Ask the Spirit World for Help

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During tough times, being able to connect with the Spirit World is a powerful self care tool that gives you clarity, comfort and guidance.

Are you struggling, fearful and constantly looking for answers?

Are you wanting guidance for problems or decisions - asking what to do next?

It's easy to get overwhelmed and not know what or where to go?

Over the past few months have you thought or felt...

  • I am scared and frightened–I wish my loved ones were still here to talk to!

  • I can't make my mind shut off!
  • How do I know if this is real or my imagination?
  • Why can't I feel my loved ones on the other side?

You are NOT alone.


Right NOW at the most difficult time in our history. There is more fear, worry, and struggle that could easily overwhelm your days. Its the perfect time to give yourself the gift of Spiritual Growth. 

  • The Spirit World is waiting to support you now and in the uncertain months ahead. They want to guide you in your journey to find peace and calm in your life.

  • If you want to discover the gift of being able to connect to your Spirit Guides, Angels and loved ones, this Special Introduction to the Spirit Word Collection is the perfect start.
  • You'll discover powerful techniques to connect and learn how to interpret the language of the Spirit World.
  • You'll get a clear understanding how to make a real connection. 
  • This powerful collection of classes and meditations will lead the way.
  • Learn at you own pace in the convenience and comfort of your own home.
  • You won't be alone. You'll get calm, proven learning techniques with the expert guidance directly from psychic medium Jennifer Farmer. You can ask questions, share comments and get support in the online learning library. 

Find peace and calm in your life right now!

I would LOVE the opportunity to help you make tremendous progress in your path with the Spirit World.

Giving yourself the gift of spiritual growth is a priceless gift. Taking time to access peace, wisdom, and comfort from the Spirit World is a powerful step forward in self-love and care

I have helped all levels of experience to learn to connect and communicate with their loved ones Spirit Guides and Angels. 

The Spirit World is accessible to anyone who asks. It's already inside you. I'll teach you what I know works and I'll offer support along the way. 

With the Introductions to the Spirit World Bonus Collection, I give you all the tools for your journey to the peace, wisdom and comfort of knowing you can connect with your loved ones, Spirit Guides and Angels. Your Spirit team wants to help you on your path to peace of mind and heart. 



How to Ask the Spirit World for Help


During the pre-recorded workshops, you'll discover:

  • Who's in the Spirit World
  • What they need and want from you
  • How they connect with you and why
  • Steps to build and strengthen your connection to the Spirit World
  • How to recognize and trust signs and messages from Spirit
  • Find your purpose and direction using your abilities

During the pre-recorded workshop, you'll learn step-by step:

  • How to recognize your own gifts and discover which is strongest
  • How to live a more intuitive and conscious life
  • How to strengthen the link to divine energy and psychic intuition
  • Practice techniques that improve clarity
  • Get guidance and messages from your Spirit guides
  • Feel a sense of ease and support in making life decisions

Tools included in your package are:

  • Downloadable class transcription to print out and study lessons
  • Technical support for Mp3 download and access to class
  • Downloadable study guides  to assist with home study
  • Q&A with Jennifer through the student library

It's OK to want to move forward and let go of emotional pain. 

NOW is the perfect time to start or restart your journey with the healing power of Spirit.

You can purchase my Introduction to the Spirit World Bonus Collection TODAY at a heavily discounted price.

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Introduction to the Spirit World Class

  • 2 Hour Video Workshop
  • Beginner Guide PDF Download
  • Introduction To The Spirit World Audio Download
  • Meet Your Spirit Guide Meditation Mp3 Download
  • Full Workshop Transcript PDF
  • 2 Hour Video Workshop
  • Create Your Intuitive Foundation Mp3 Download
  • Recognize Your Spirit PDF
  • Full class Audio Download
  • Full Workshop Transcript PDF

Activate Your Psychic and Intuitive Senses Class

Bonus Classes with Meditations 

  • 2 Hour Bonus Class Meditation & Messages Class
  • Higher Self Meditation Practice
  • Coming From Your Heart With Intention Practice
  • 2 Healing With Spirit World Meditations
  • The Entire 2 Day Spirit Pathway Workshop

Frequently Asked Questions

I want you to know that this collection has been created specifically to help you discover and develop your psychic abilities, teaching you how to meditate deeply and connect to your Guides.

Using these new senses and skills you will be able to make powerful decisions that lead you to a fuller connected life to Spirit

Are you ready to get help from Spirit with your fears?

All you need to do is open the door. Your loved ones, Spirit Guides, Angels and all your Spirit helpers are ready and willing to support you, guide you and so much more ... You don’t not want to miss this!

Join me, Jennifer Farmer, for my Introduction to the Spirit World Bonus Collection,




(Total Savings of $148)

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Wondering if you can make the connection? 

You are not alone, most people struggle with this. It normal and OK to question. The Spirit World is open to all who seek.  

To really make progress and become consistently confident in your abilities, you need to learn and practice techniques. 

Everyone needs a little support, guidance and validation while you explore your intuitive and spiritual connection.

The Introduction to the Spirit World Bonus Collection offers all you need. 

What Others Are Saying

"Jennifer’s unparalleled gift of clarity, perception and impassioned dedication to high service has assisted me in breakthrough awareness, as well as the opening of my gifts and talents to the next level. She is extraordinarily perceptive and on a high level with the masters."

"This information is an amazing help! Thank You!!! I have been loving your courses and you are a phenomenal teacher. I have noticed that things have been *opening up* more since taking your courses."

"I am enjoying this whole course and how it is opening me up to the experiences I get regardless of my non believer other half who thinks it is hippy dippy stuff and to think when I met him he was a full fledged long haired hippy and lived the lifestyle. Life experiences are what our journey is all about."

I hope you will join me now! 

With this offer you get lifetime access to the Introduction to the Spirit World Bonus Collection. 

Your Spirit team is wants to guide and support you.

Take a deep breath and let me lead you to peace and calm in your life. Total retail package value of $181 

You will be so glad you did!

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