A Healing Journey 

How to Heal Grief and Rebuild Your Life After Loss

by Jennifer Farmer




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Are everyday things overwhelming you?

Has completing small tasks become a huge challenge?

Here are some of the ways you may be affected by a loss or grief:

    • Tiredness and exhaustion. 
    • Problems with concentration.
    • Feeling confusion.
    • Changes in sleep patterns. 
    • Changes in appetite. 
    • Depression.
    • Inconsolable crying. 
    • Feelings of loneliness. 
    • Anxiousness and worry about the future.
    • An increase in physical pain.
    • Overwhelmed at doing everyday tasks.
    • Anger and frustration.
    • Loss of passion for life.  

Give yourself permission to take one step forward on your healing journey TODAY. It's safe to face loss and grief. You are stronger than you think.  Go on A Healing Journey with me and begin to heal and rebuild your life. 

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I SO wish I had this book when my father died. Love the workbook format that weaves the spiritual and therapeutic together. And the 5 transformational strategies will help anyone grieving a loss to navigate their new normal life.
Bob Olson, author of Answers About The Afterlife & host of Afterlife TV

A Healing Journey

How To Heal Grief And Rebuild Your Life After Loss

By Jennifer Farmer

This book is different because...

Each unique story and exercise has been specifically chosen to take you through the grieving process while starting to open your awareness and connection with the Spirit World. These strategies and suggestions have helped so many others heal unresolved grief and start embracing a life of joy, fulfillment, and gratitude.

Throughout the book, I share my personal triumphs over grief and the strategies that brought me to wholeness. I give you my knowledge, skills and resources to start your healing transformation, and I walk hand in hand with you through the process of handling the painful emotions of losing someone or something that you love. The exercises help you get on top of your grief, and create a plan to move forward in life with meaning and purpose. It is possible to move from pain to peace, heartbreak to happiness, and grief to gratitude.


Are You Ready To Start Your Healing Journey?

Your Digital Download eBook Includes:

  • PDF download eBook.
  • Professionally designed with 150 pages.
  • Book includes six chapters and sixteen worksheets.
  • A 21-day meditation experience journal. 
  • Five key strategies that heal grief. 
  • Tested expert teachings and techniques. 
  • Worksheets and checklists that guide you through the five strategies. 
  • Guided techniques to stay calm and focus on healing.
  • Guided meditations that help bring peace and heal grief.
  • MP3 Downloads for your convenience. Technical support for MP3 downloads.
  • Access to digital learning library that includes your eBook, exercises and meditations. 
  • Access to an online learning library where you are able to ask questions directly to Jennifer when needed.
  • And much much more...
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A huge part of healing is making the decision to move beyond grief and rebuild your life. You can’t go back. You don’t get another chance to redo the situation and change the outcome. So now what?

Do you choose to live with guilt, regret, loneliness, anger and the other painful feelings of grief or do you choose to heal?

You get to choose how long you hold on to the pain.

Make the choice minute by minute, hour and by hour and day by day to heal.  

My passion is to help people recover from loss and know they are not alone. Helping people find peace is the cornerstone of my life's work.

Since 2007, I have devoted my life to this work. Over the past 13 years, I have been creating meditations, teaching and giving readings to help people find lasting peace and happiness.

Let Me Help You.

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A Healing Journey  

How To Heal Grief & Rebuild Your Life After Loss

This book includes personal stories of hope in healing grief. It is a tool to guide your healing journey after loss. It includes exercises and meditations to help you heal. It will give you a new purpose and direction in your healing process. Experience relief from grief along with much needed comfort knowing you have the tools to help you through this journey.

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“Yes” It Is My Time To Heal!

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By the end of the Book

  • You will be able to see the path ahead with a renewed sense of purpose and perspective.
  • You will see transformation in your actions and awareness in all that you do.
  • You will feel the inner shift and transition from pain and loss to hope and peace by creating new routines and activities. 
  • You will find freedom in taking responsibility for your renewed life.

Remember when you are grieving, any task can be a challenge; including working through grief. I understand this, which is why I created this as a self-paced book. You can take the sections of the book you are interested in learning about or feel you are ready for anytime/anywhere and come back to the others at a later date. 

Less than perfect is okay. 

Decide now that you are ready to heal. Love yourself enough to make a start in your journey. You are not alone.


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Pat B

"I slept for twelve uninterrupted hours sleep without any sleeping tablets after your program last night. So reassuring that nothing is hopeless and I now have faith."

- Student in Introduction to the Spirit World


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Bob Olson of BestPsychicMediums.com

"An Intuitive Reading with Jennifer is not focused on contacting deceased loved ones, but rather on receiving ANSWERS and GUIDANCE from both SPIRIT and ENERGY. An Intuitive Reading assists us in dealing with our personal and professional concerns from all levels—physically, mentally, emotionally and spiritually."


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Karen D

"I think this workshop is a very thoughtful program and could help anyone needing guidance to overcome grief. People not affected by grief do not understand it is a process and not just something you "get over" in a couple months or so. Professionally prepared presentation, this workshop is a definite must take."

- Student in Healing Grief with the Spirit World


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"I enjoyed this so much. I feel prepared when I do face a hard time grieving and I also feel this class has given me excellent tools for everyday life. Understanding our own Spirit and the Spirit world is such empowering knowledge and I've really enjoyed life these last few weeks and found more purpose after these classes. Thank you!"

- Student in Healing Grief with the Spirit World


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Understand that no two people experience grief the same way, even if it is caused by the same loss or tragedy.  There is no perfect way to grieve. Making a decision to heal and move forward is key to healing the painful emotions of grief. I will share my personal struggles with grief and how I healed my life.  

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"The key is to have strategies to relieve and overcome fear, regret, anger, depression, and other painful emotions that cast a heavy shadow in your heart and mind. The payoff for facing grief head-on is big. You don’t have to be a victim of your own life. You can opt out of prolonged suffering "  from Chapter One of A Healing Journey.

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I created this unique collection of exercises to help you heal. I will give you strategies that will guide you gently through your healing process. Moving forward is possible. All you need is a desire to heal to make progress in feeling relief from grief. 

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