Are you ready to take your

life to a new level of

happiness, healing

and peace?

Would you like personal access to LIVE intuitive
and Spiritual teachings, meditations,
mentoring and guidance? 
Join me, Jennifer Farmer,
for my Spiritual Growth Mentoring Membership Program.

Are you ready to powerfully connect with your Spirit Guides, Angels, and Loved Ones in the Spirit World?

Have you been drawn to learn about meditation and the Spirit World?

Do you want to be more consistent with your intuition?

Are you longing to to know your Higher Purpose? 

Anxious about what the future holds?

Asking yourself  ...will I ever heal?

If the answer is “YES” to any of these, keep reading.  You are definitely in the right place! 


Getting started on a path with the Spirit World on your own, without professional guidance and support from like minded souls, can have its challenges. There is so much information out there, it can be confusing.

Many people give up trying because of their own self-doubt  

Have you ever experienced or asked yourself...

  • How do I know if this real or my imagination?
  • Why do I get messages for other people but not for myself?
  • Why do I get overwhelmed around other people?
  • How come I can't make my mind shut off?
  • Why can't I feel my Loved Ones on the Other Side?
  • Why can't get my Spirit guides names?
  • Do I really have intuitive abilities? 

I Promise… You are not alone! 

Most people struggle with some or all of the above challenges. 

Negative thoughts and mind chatter causes self doubt, fear of failure, worries and fear of the future.

To really make progress and become consistently confident in your natural abilities, you need professional support and guidance while you explore your intuitive and Spiritual connection.

The Spiritual Growth Mentoring Membership is hands on teaching, guidance, practice and dedicated email support,

The 24/7 member library gives you meditations, replays, study guides so you can learn and practice at your own pace while you embark on a powerful life-affirming journey,

It's time OK to take care of you. 

Its your time to learn and grow.


This is your personal invitation to be part of my Spiritual family

Did you know…

You don’t have to be a medium or a psychic to connect to Loved Ones or get answers and guidance from your Spirit Guides, Angels and God.  Your Spirit Team is 100% ready to help you heal, grow and find lasting peace and happiness.   

Your Spirit Team is ready and waiting to nudge, lead and inspire you to a new life and new you.

With an open mind and a desire to grow spiritually, I'll show you exactly how to tap into your spiritual power to overcome fears and self-doubt. 

Now with support and guidance, you can release what is holding you back.

Join us, your spiritual family!

Let me guide you LIVE or at your own pace through my Signature 7 Steps of Success Path of Spiritual Growth. You don't have to do it alone. I'll support you as you grow into your Highest Self.


Are YOU now ready to grow and move forward in your life, right now?

I would love for you to join me for a powerful Spiritual series. 

I believe in YOU! I want to support and guide you:

  • Grow and blossom into the magnificent physical and spiritual person that (you already are)
  • Learn how to use your sixth-sense ability and intuition that can guide you to an even more joyful life!
  • Guide and support you in connecting with your team of Spirit Guides, Angels and Loved ones on the other side, who want you to have an even more happy and peaceful existence. 

You'll learn, practice and master getting the answers you need from your Loved Ones, Spirit Guides and Angels. 

Experience more trust that your Highest Self and Spirit Team will be there when you need them. 

You'll be living your Higher Purpose, embrace more joy and have more peace as you learn to interpret, understand and act on their guidance.

It's never too late to create a life of peace and harmony and fulfill your dreams!

For over a decade, I've helped clients and students like you, tap into their intuition and gain confidence in deepening their connection with the Spirit World. 

I LOVE the Spirit World. I'm even more passionate about helping you build a deep connection to your Spirit Guides, Angels, and Loved Ones.  

When you belong to the Spiritual Growth Mentoring Group you will never feel alone. 

You'll feel supported and nurtured throughout your learning and healing journey. 


Check out what other students and members are saying about their experience and their results!

Here are just a few of the amazing experiences waiting for you when you join the Spiritual Growth Mentoring Membership.
We call it SGM!

Enjoy a sense of ease and peace by being deeply connected to your Higher Self.   

Be comforted when you recognize signs from your Loved Ones.

Deeper trust in your intuitive clarity when making positive life changes.

Feel supported and Divinely guided by your Spirit team.

Receive inspiring messages from your Spirit Guides.

Feel in balance and alignment with your Higher Purpose. 

Build a momentum of confidence and personal growth using my Signature 7 Steps to Spiritual Alignment process in the mentoring program.


Do you want to make these amazing experiences a reality for you?

Join my Spiritual Growth Mentoring Membership today.

All levels of experience welcome. 

This $675 monthly Value Is Only Available For A Limited Time

$49 a month (automatically billed each month)

No contracts required. 

Cancel anytime. 

Register before enrollment closes... 


Membership offers VIP Level Support

4 monthly interactive LIVE group sessions on Zoom - You'll connect with Jennifer on LIVE on Zoom. Classes include learning the "how to" for each of the 7 steps. Each session offers a Q&A so you can have your questions personally answered.  The workshop format will help you expand your knowledge, strengthen your senses and allow you to practice in a safe and supportive environment.  

Exclusive Online Member Only Library - All class and practice replays, meditations and study guides.  This is perfect if you can't attend LIVE! You can watch the replay or download the audio. Many students watch the replays over and over and experience deeper levels of "knowing." The student only library include's study guide's, meditations, all LIVE replays and an interactive comment panel to check in with Jennifer and share your learning, ask questions and more. Sometimes you need to take time to digest the activity and need tools to help you absorb the information you are learning so that you can take the time at your own pace to practice. You get 24 hour unlimited access to the member library. You can access the member only library from your smart phone, tablet and/or computer.  

Technical support for LIVE class access, watching replay and downloads - We understand that technology is going faster than we can keep up with so we offer the workshop we offer technical support for accessing the Live classes, watching the replays and downloads. We'll make sure all you are set up for success. 

Dedicated email support and personal interaction with Jennifer - Jennifer personally answers questions and replies to comments in the student library. This is an extra layer of support for students who can't attend live and need support or guidance.  

Frequently Asked Questions

To minimize distractions and stay focused, we will do all sessions on Zoom. You'll connect with Jennifer and other students in the classes and in the member library.

This is a personal learning and development program. Jennifer will not be doing readings. Please do not register in hopes that you may get a reading.

Yes, we have students all over the world.  Live classes are recorded and stored in the student library within 72 hours if you cannot be there live you can watch or listen to the recording and share you comments and questions in the comment area or email Jennifer..

The Workshop agenda is set for every other Monday night 2/10-5/18 8PM ET.

Classes are scheduled for 90 minutes. They may go over a little based on the Q&A.

There will be a weekly meditation practice and intention. Meditations are 5-25 minutes. Its suggested to to practice meditation 3-5 times each week.  

Many students make great progress watching the replays and following the suggested weekly at home practice suggestions. 

Keep in mind, this is your workshop, so you can participate at your own pace. Everyone is a different level and learns at a different pace.  

It’s an amazing to watch people doing the work and changing their lives for the better. This workshop is the core teaching in my Spiritual Growth Coaching and Mentoring Community.

Results vary. With practice and dedication, you can achieve all you desire with the 7 Steps workshop. 

Student have started spiritual businesses, formed new relationships, ended negative relationships, gained confidence, and accomplished so many things.

Students say that they have had changes in their lives. They share how wonderful it is to have loving support during the challenging life changes of grief, loss, change in relationships, job transitions, etc. 

Some students share they are  mastering how to trust their intuition and make decisions easier and with more clarity. They begin to feel their life has more purpose. 

LIVE 90 minute classes are hosted on Zoom.  Facebook not required.  All LIVE classes can be joined LIVE by calling in, accessing on your smart phone, tablet and/or computer.  These fun practical workshops will help you discover and develop your psychic abilities, teaching you how to meditate deeply and connect to your Guides. Using these new senses and skills you will be able to  make powerful decisions that lead you to live the life you've always dreamed of.  All LIVE sessions are recorded and available for replay in the member only library.  Each month, you will get an email with your personal log in   details and link to participate on the workshop. A phone number will be provided in case you have poor internet service or prefer using the phone. All students receive replay with unlimited access (with account in good standing)

Would you love to have extraordinary life experiences and results like other SGM members?

Now, you can…

Join me and other like minded students in my Spiritual Growth Mentoring Membership Now Signing Up Below! We are saving a spot for YOU.


Still Have Questions? 

Contact our support team at [email protected] to have any questions answered you may have about Spiritual Growth Mentoring Membership. 


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